by Not Of

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total time: 29.52

NOT OF is:
John Ex: guitars, vox
Jason Seance: drums, synth, b. vox

B. vox on 2 & 5 by Susan Burke, Audrey Hammer & Joanna Lund
6 by Susan Burke & Joanna Lund

Recorded and mixed by Mitch Bowden at Mechanical Noise,
Dunnville ON Mar. – Nov. ’14
Add. vocals and guitar recorded by Jon Drew at Taurus Recording, Toronto ON

Mastered by Jon Drew at Taurus Recording

Thx: Family, friends, Mitch, Jon, The Beverleys, Charles Spearin, Mike & Stephanie Bell, Stu

All songs written by NOT OF (SOCAN)
©2015 NOT OF


released March 31, 2015

See our live in studio Southern Souls session here!



all rights reserved


Not Of Toronto, Ontario

Not Of is a noise rock duo from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Its members are:
John Ex (gtr/vox) and Jason Seance (drums/b.vox).
Featuring ex-members of XhXXe, BXXkXX XXcXaX XceXe, and XXXsXXg XhX fXwX.

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Track Name: Different Intervals
The same thing happens at different intervals
I call what happens the constant chemical
I know what happens to me

The same piece pitched as a new scenario
We know this, said this, only four days ago
We know happens to me

In the sun
So get out

You've shown devices to keep sustaining this
And offered vices to deal with the pain of it
Feel almost like I'm meant to be

But masks are too hard to keep in place as you
Mask your presence on foreign avenues
Where you're just too glad to be

Up in the sun

Wax melts, sticky and viscous, covers me
I'd gag and choke by the pint on it happily
Pretend it's natural to see

Because the same thing happens at all these different intervals
They call me awash in all these common chemicals
It don't feel common to me
Track Name: New Atlantis
As a horse's leg
Is the human's head
Lay 'em down
When either breaks
They're better dead
Lay 'em down

Under a wave
Feel nothing under a wave

As a lizard's tail
Is the human's head
Lay 'em down
Once it gets nailed
It just falls dead
Leave the body now

Dolphin dolphin
Weapon weapon
Wash 'em out
Dolphin dolphin
Weapon weapon
Lay 'em all

Under a wave
Sleep in blue under a wave
No more pain under a wave
Feel nothing under a wave
Track Name: Energy
Burnt to glass with energy
Inside exposed to light
Held in path with gravity
Oxides connect in flight

It was you
It was me

Breathe again the sense atrophied
All these new ways to die
Burnt to ash with energy
Inside explode to light

It was you
It was me
Track Name: The Mark
Panic seeps into the middle
You take the mark
Passive steps into the market
You take your mark
Lean on your hands

Last name's whatever you call it
You get faked out
Keep on staring at the riddle
You miss your mark
That was the plan

You can't make a connection
You can't make a connection
You can't make a connection
You can't make a connection
Track Name: Blood Thief
Bad knees
Perfect teeth
So good from the neck up

New leaf
Blood thief
Never stick your neck out

It's just a way
To make you cry
It's just a way
To make you cry

Sixes and sevens
Perfect ten
You still got your looks

Blood thief
Sultry grief
Everybody look!

It's just a way
To make you cry
It's just a way
To make you cry
It's just a way
To make you sigh
It's just a way
To make you cry

Blood Thief
Track Name: Until It Stops
A stone, a stake, the dirt, some art
The junk you turn into a beating heart
A passing stitch
Oh, naked witch

Wake up and realize
The face that's staring in your eyes:
"I hope it's mine."

You taste my blood, a penny candy sting
Deep brown red drop answers everything
This picture serves the purpose well enough
You get my meaning...well enough

All over and inside
A pipe too burst to cauterize
But I'll be fine
I use my hands to bind
And hold in place the guts I hide
And know are mine

I taste the top
But can't bite it off
Don't know what's mine

A thing you try
But then rely on
I hope it's mine

Until it stops
Track Name: Serves You Right
Did you track the light?
Serves you right
Serves you right

Dragged into a fight?
Serves you right
Serve me now

Two states, on each side of you now
Serves you right
Serves you right

"I drank. I enjoyed myself."
Serves you right
Serve him now

Did you track the fight?
Serves you right
Serves you right

Dragged into a light?
Serves him right
Still serve him now

Two men, both upon you now
Serves you right
Serves you right

"The plot, it's clear to me now."
Serves you right
Serve him now

Bared teeth/bowed head
Fake grief/made bed
Sweet song/soothed ear
Sleep safe now
Track Name: Escalator
Are you stressed enough?
Break it apart cause it's perfect
Abandon it all cause it's worth it
Do you miss it much?
Bring it to life cause it's hopeless
Scrub 'til ya burn through your new dress

And if it gets too rough
And you can't avoid it
You can always void it

Kids all acting tough
One draws a line and he's saying
This is the last time I'm playing
The other calls his bluff
Don't know what you are believing
But I got your ball, you're not leaving

Let it get too dull
Then act all defiant
One of us could try it

Someone better kill me
Before I do something dumb
Before I mess up and come into your arms again
You've already killed me
I've already swallowed your gun
And now I'm no fucking fun
Headless and on display